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GPS Logger Dash - Reads Vnet Sensors

GPS Logger Dash - Reads Vnet Sensors

ArtNr.: HT060101
HALTECH IQ3 2GB GPS Logger Dash - Reads Vnet Sensors and includes Internal CAN Interface Module to read Haltech ECU information/sensors

Manufacturer: Haltech, Australia

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GPS Logger Dash - Reads Vnet Sensors
The Haltech IQ3 data logger dash represents an entirely new concept in data logging dashes. By placing the 32 channel data logger, 2GB memory card, GPS and 3 axis G meter inside the dash, every feature of the data system is now located in one central location. Combine 32 external channels of data with quick 2 wire CAN connection to a Haltech ECU and you have a virtually limitless amount of data available for collection and analysis. The Haltech IQ3 data logger dash is designed to be a complete data centre. All data is stored in a 2GB MicroSD memory card, located in the front of the dash between the programmable shift lights. This design ensures easy access to the memory card for data download.
The Haltech Racepak Display Dash is the perfect complement to any Platinum ECU Installation.

The following values are transmitted from the Haltech directly to the Dash:


Throttle position

Coolant Temperature

Intake Air temperature

Oil Temperature

Exhaust Temperature

Manifold pressure (Boost)

Fuel Pressure

Oil Pressure


Gear Position

Air/Fuel Ratio

Injector Duty %

Ignition Timing

Battery Voltage

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