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Platinum Sport 1000 - Flying Lead Kit - Long

Platinum Sport 1000 - Flying Lead Kit - Long

ArtNr.: HT051302
Soft cut rev limiter, Closed loop boost control, Stepper motor closed loop idle, Anti-lag launch, Wideband closed loop Lambda, User-definable mapping points, 8 add. user-def. inputs, 4 add. user-def. outputs, tuning via TPS, onboard data logging

Manufacturer: Haltech, Australia

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Platinum Sport 1000 - Flying Lead Kit - Long

The Platinum Sport 1000

The Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 is packed with more features than any ECU in its class by more than just a quarter mile. The all new Platinum Sport  1000 ECU is for those who are on a budget and need full sequential control for their engine.

The Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 is an ECU capable of controlling sequential injection on 2 and 4 cylinder with semi sequential 6 and 8 cylinder applications. With 8 channels capable of controlling injection and ignition duties, the Platinum Sport 1000 can support most modern engines with multi-coil ignition systems, as well as conventional distributor ignition systems.In addition to controlling fuel and spark.


- Soft cut rev limiter
- Closed loop boost control
- Stepper motor and BAC/IAC closed loop idle control               
- User-definable mapping points
- Anti-lag launch control with rotational idle
- Wideband closed loop 02 Control                              
- 8 additional user-definable inputs
- 4 additional user-definable outputs
- Tuning via TPS with Manifold Correction
- Numerous Correction Maps               
- Onboard Data logging
- Windows Software
- 12 Month Warranty       

Typical Applications:

- Control of fuel injection on modified engines
- Conversion from carburetion to fuel injection
- Race and rally applications of all description
- Design and development purposes
- Educational use by universities and technical colleges
- Original equipment in cars and motorcycles


Platinum Sport 1000 Specifications (466KB)


Platinum Sport 1000

The Platinum Sport 1000 (ECU only kit) includes:

ECU Programmable Computer, USB Programming Cable,Instruction Manual (on CD),

Programming software

- New look Aluminum extruded box and Haltech new look stickers and physically shorter than the E8/E11v2 range
USB to Laptop communications
- No more looking for Old PC's with RS232 Serial ports!
- No more Troublesome USB to Serial adaptors
Software configurable RPM Mapped Reluctor Adaptor
- CAN port allowing dash and data logging systems to be integrated easily and quickly.
- The CAN port will also be used for communication with future Haltech products
- Our improved reluctor adaptor allows you to map the trigger voltages with 32 load points of resolution. Allowing perfect triggering, every time. Improved ECU noise filtration and Flying loom protection.
- The Platinum Sports series ECU's have a new power supply system reducing voltage variations which can cause noisy inputs
- All ECU inputs and outputs individually shielded from electrical noise
- New Flying lead harness with 4 power relays, and individual power supply wires. This separates Injector, Ignition, Fuel pump and ECU power to provide stable voltage to all devices.
- Grounding for Sensors and power ground now separated in loom to improve noise reduction

Brand new "Platinum" series software - Also used with the 350z Platinum series ECU
- User definable display pages for tuning, display and even diagnosis
- User definable display gauges, 2D maps, 3D maps, Bar gauges, Dial gauges, list displays, number displays, target displays, text views and live trace displays
- Import individual settings, indivual correction maps or full tunes from the E8 and E11v2 platform
- Insert/Delete keys to add or subtract load points with intelligent interpolation
- Quick Calibrations - Adding your own custom sensor calibrations is done in seconds. Save you sensor calibrations as individual calibrations to use on future setups
- On screen descriptions of every Setting to guide the user through the software
- Brand new Datalogging software with more flexibility than ever!
- Undo / Redo buttons for any tuning accidents to avoid deleting the map and wasting costly time
- New "Line" trace feature to let you know exactly where the ECU is looking while tuning
- All new Text view and 3D Tuning screens to allow even faster tuning
- Even a monster Tacho Display!

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