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Mitsubishi Evo Shockabsorber Kit

Mitsubishi Evo Shockabsorber Kit

ArtNr.: 84 1500 118440
Gravel Kit (Wales Specs)

ZF Sachs Race Engineering Manufacturer: ZF Sachs Race Engineering

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Mitsubishi Evo Shockabsorber Kit

Top innovation: Group N rally suspension

The first four-way adjustable system
The mono-tube design inside the strut features four-way adjustable performance. This means that damping can be adjusted in the low and high deflection speed range, independently in both the bump and rebound stage. Handling is extremely easy since with each click of the adjustment wheels for rebound and bump positioned side by side the system allows a perceptible adjustment of damping force. ZF Sachs Race Engineering is the first manufacturer to offer such a broad set-up spectrum for production-derived Group N models
in a single damper system.

Another advantage of the new design: the reservoir connected to the bottom end by a flange increases ef. ciency even further. Other designs typically use hose connections to external reservoirs. These, however, may produce hydraulic. uctuations caused by expansion - and with the new system, they are no needed. In addition, such previously used solutions required the hose connection to the external reservoir to be dismantled when opening the upper damper mounting to change a spring, inevitably resulting in the time-consuming opening of the damper. With the new dual-tube design from ZF Sachs Race Engineering, the upper mounting can be opened without this procedure, which saves a lot of time when changing springs. This advantage particularly pays off during set-up tests typically involving trials of various spring rates.

Easy installation guaranteed

The engineers designing the system achieved a high mechanical load resistance of the suspension, even under extreme lateral forces. Friction-optimised bearings and seals further improve the set-up sensitivity as well as durability. Easy installation in the vehicle is guaranteed by ZF Sachs Race Engineering´s supply of a complete, ready-to-. t assembly kit. For asphalt rallies, it consists of four dampers, eight springs, two upper aluminium Unibal mountings for the rear dampers, a camber adjustment set as well as tools for height adjustment. For dirt road rallies, as well, the suspension is available in the dual-tube design. Instead of the eight springs, four springs are supplied for gravel surfaces. The suspension is available for the Evolution VII, VIII and IX model ranges of the Mitsubishi Lancer. Additional layouts for other vehicle models are currently in preparation.

Tarmac-Kit (150mm Hub VA)       841500118439            7.600,00 Euro/Kit 
Tarmac-Kit (180mm Hub VA)       841500000056            7.800,00 Euro/Kit
Gravel-Kit (Spec. Wales VA)         841500118440            7.500,00 Euro/Kit

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