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CDL3 Track Logging & Display Kit - all you need on race track or rally stage. With full Shift Light Module.

CDL3 Track Logging & Display Kit - all you need on race track or rally stage. With full Shift Light Module.

ArtNr.: 18041
Kit contains CDL3 + Club Shift Light Module + CDL3 loom + GPS-L10Hz + two button loom + comm. cable + 8MB Logging memory + I/O upgrade.

Motec, Australia Manufacturer: Motec, Australia

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CDL3 Track Logging & Display Kit - all you need on race track or rally stage. With full Shift Light Module.
What does it offer?

A data logger / display that works straight out of the box
Configurable display layout
Display GPS speed, time, date and track position data
Over three hours logging of 20 channels at standard log rates
(maximum log rate is 500 times per second); can be configured to log up to 300 channels
Logging of GPS, speed, time, date and track position data
GPS lap timing – a new auto-beacon feature for all major race tracks
Full function SLM - We offer now both CDL3 kits with the full SLM shift Light Module instead of simple SLM-C that ships with both kits as standard. The SLM 18120 allows complete control of shift light pattern, LED colors and multiple alarm conditions and is a really useful way to display information to the driver.
Configurable alarm setups with warning light
Buttons for alarm reset, mode and scroll
Configurable CAN and RS232 connections
Internal three axis G force measurement
Battery voltage measurement.
Included in the kit is:

  -CDL3 Backlit Club Dash Logger with 8MB logging memory
  -A professional level wiring loom, labelled and terminated to ensure a fast, easy installation.
  -A Shift Light Module (SLM), for warning and shift lights. The SLM is built in a separate housing to the CDL3, so that it can be correctly placed in the drivers line of sight.
  -10Hz GPS with a magnetic base that can be mounted straight onto a vehicle roof.
  -Remote button loom so buttons can be placed where the driver can actually reach them.
  -Ethernet communications cable

The CDL3 Track Logging kit will allow you to perform the following functions and more.
  -Data analysis using MoTeC‟s i2 software
  -Lap timing
  -Track mapping
  -Driver analysis
  -Engine performance measurement
  -Shift lights
  -Multiple page layouts
  -ECU connection
  -Display of sensor values
Track Display Kit contents:

1 X 18022 CDL3 Club Dash Logger
1 X 28518 CDL3 Logging upgrade (8MB)
1 X 62203 Loom, CDL3 Terminated
1 X 61221 Loom, Two Button
1 X 41304 10hz GPS L10
1 X 18120 SLM Shift Light Module.
1 X 61224 Cable Network RJ45
A. Want to easily connect to your vehicle’s ECU?

Add the appropriate ECU adapter
RS232 adapter – for RS232 based ECUs such as MoTeC’s
M4, M48 and M8. Also Autronic, Pectel, Zytec, Hondata, Gems, EFI etc.
CAN adapter – for MoTeC CAN based ECUs such as the
M84, M400, M600, M800. For other brands, remove and
replace the AMP connector with an appropriate connection.
OBD-II adapter – for all road cars manufactured 2007
and later (includes some earlier models).

B. Want to put the buttons on the steering wheel?

Add a curly cord (#61222)
This pre-terminated loom allows the buttons from the CDL3
loom to be easily installed on a steering wheel.

C. Want to use more analogue and digital inputs?

Add the I/O upgrade (#29500)
This allows input from sensors such as oil pressure, fuel
pressure, engine oil temp, differential temp, brake temp,
exhaust temp etc.

D. Need a ready made loom for extra sensor inputs?

Add the pre-wired I/O loom (#61196)
This pre-wired loom makes adding extra I/O simple. Push the
pre-crimped terminals into the CDL3 connector, plug into the
GPS connector to source 5V and 0V, and you have six, 2
metre looms for connecting additional sensors.

What does it contain?

CDL3 Club Dash Logger Backlit with 8MB logging memory
GPS-L10 10Hz Global Positioning System
SLM Shift Light Module
Terminated CDL3 loom
Two button loom
Ethernet communications cable.

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CDL3 Track Logging & Display Kit - all you need on race track or rally stage. With full Shift Light Module. 1.838,91 €*
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