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Motec M400 ECU

Motec M400 ECU

ArtNr.: 13040
The M400 is a powerful, cost effective electronic control unit for four cylinder or two rotor applications. Using advanced M800 technology, it controls the latest innovations such as continuously variable camshaft timing and drive by wire throttle (DBW)

Motec, Australia Manufacturer: Motec, Australia

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Motec M400 ECU
The M400 offers four injector drivers and four ignition outputs, and is a fully programmable management system
ideal for engines up to four cylinders with sequential injection and multi-coil ignition. It is also well suited to twin rotary
applications. Eight auxiliary outputs provide control for aftermarket devices and systems providing functions
such as 3D boost control, nitrous injection, intercooler spray bars, idle speed, shift lights, warning alarms and
many more. Includes mating connectors. 
The M400 is a powerful and cost effective ECU for modern four cylinder and two rotor applications. Using advanced M800 technology, it controls the latest automotive innovations such as continuously variable camshaft timing and drive by wire throttle.

It is fully programmable and has been designed with high performance road cars and racing vehicles in mind. Install it as a stand-alone ECU or as part of a complete motorsport-ready engine management and data acquisition solution. 

Basic Specifications


  • 4 x Injector outputs—high or low ohm

  • 4 x Ignition outputs

  • 8 x Auxiliary outputs—for functions such as camshaft control, drive by wire throttle, boost control, nitrous injection, idle speed stepper motor and many more


  • 8 x Analogue voltage inputs—fully configurable including custom calibrations

  • 6 x Analogue temperature inputs—fully configurable including custom calibrations
  • 1 x Wideband Lambda input—for Lambda measurement and control

  • 4 x Digital/speed inputs—for wheel speeds and function activation


  • 1 x CAN

  • 1 x RS232


  • Case size 147 x 105 x 40 mm
  • Weight 500 gram
  • 1 x 34 pin and 1 x 26 pin waterproof connector with gold plated contacts

Version 3 ECU Software

The latest software for MoTeC ECUs, Version 3, is developed to optimise tuning for the increasing sophistication of modern engines. It has a range of new and improved features and control functions and an increased table functionality.

V3 software can be sent to any new or existing 'hundred series' ECU—M400, M600, M800 and M880—enabling the latest features even on older systems.

New and Improved Features

  • Ref/Sync Capture
    Crank and cam signals are captured and displayed on a built-in digital oscilloscope. This is invaluable for checking the integrity of the Ref and Sync signals and diagnosing faulty sensors or wiring.
  • Engine Logs
    Three engine histogram logs can be configured to log any channel. For example, one engine histogram might log engine RPM and another oil pressure. Also included is a tell-tale log for storing minimum and maximum values, plus an accumulated values store.

  • Multiple Configurations
    Up to four different configurations can be stored in the ECU and 'switching on the fly' is supported. This can be used in for example rally cars where different maps are used for different weather or road conditions. Also, if switching is integrated in the loom, it can be used to switch the ECU from one car to another.

  • Input Setup
    A completely revised input setup system includes adjustable filtering and diagnostic levels on all input channels.

  • Inputs
    Input data can be accepted from other devices connected via the CAN bus, such as MoTeC Dash Loggers, PLM Lambda meters (up to 12 PLMs can be connected), E888/E816 expanders, or even another MoTeC ECU.

  • Customised sets of channels can be transmitted via RS232 or CAN to another device such as a MoTeC Dash Logger.

  • Improved semi-automatic gearbox function.

New and Improved Control Functions

  • Traction Control
    Major enhancements to the traction control system including power reduction via drive by wire, ignition cut and ignition retard. Includes three 3D tables for aim slip which could be used for driver adjustment, gear compensation, lateral acceleration compensation or for adjustment based on any other channel.

  • Timers
    Full throttle and closed throttle timer channels plus two general purpose timer channels can be used by any table. For example a fuel or ignition compensation table.

  • Idle Speed Control
    All new idle speed control which includes fuel and ignition compensation tables, plus tables for setting the idle RPM. This allows RPM adjustment based on a number of channels.

  • Nitrous Control
    All new Nitrous control system using 3 stages with attack and decay, and a start timer for each stage. The stages can be triggered by throttle, ground speed or digital inputs.

  • Boost Control
    Major enhancements to boost control including PID control with 3D tables.

  • Drive by Wire Throttle Control

    • Can now be used in the overrun boost (anti-lag) system.

    • Supports up to four drive by wire throttle motors using a MoTeC DBW4.

    • Can be used for downshift throttle blip.
  • Lambda Control
    Enhancements to the Lambda control system including new aim Lambda compensation tables which allow the aim Lambda to be varied based on any channel. For example, a driver adjustment channel or the full throttle timer channel.

  • RPM Limit

    • The 3D RPM limit table allows the RPM limit to be varied based on any channel, for example gear or engine temperature.

    • Downshift RPM limiting to match engine RPM to gearbox speed.

Increased Table Functionality

  • 4D Tables
    4D fuel and ignition tables allow engine mapping based on any three channels, for example RPM, throttle and MAP.

  • Input Channels
    Selectable input channels for all tables allows extraordinary flexibility in how tables are used and even allows internal channels such as fuel pulse width or ignition timing to be used as table inputs.

  • Table Axis Sites
    The table axis sites can be varied independently for almost all tables, allowing full optimisation for each table.
  • Accel and Decel Tables
    3D acceleration and deceleration tables for both fuel and ignition.

  • Start Tables
    3D start tables based on cranking time and any other channel such as engine temperature.

Plus numerous other enhancements to functionality and user interface.

Engine Tuning Features

  • Windows based ECU Manager tuning software with user definable screen layouts more

  • Individual cylinder tuning of both fuel delivery and ignition timing

  • Suits modern engines, including those with coil per cylinder ignition

  • 4D fuel and ignition tables for engine mapping based on three channels ‡

  • Fully selectable input channels for all tables, including internal channels ‡
  • Fully configurable axis points on all tables ‡
  • Highly configurable crank and cam trigger inputs to suit almost all OEM sensors and tooth patterns
  • Free access to wideband Lambda and data logging for initial tuning. Available for the first 8 hours engine running time

Additional Distinct Features

  • Suitable for engines requiring the latest complex control functions, such as:

    • Continuously variable camshaft control (up to 2 inlet and 2 exhaust cams)

    • Drive by wire throttle control

  • Capable of all other modern control functions, such as:
    • Traction control
    • Overrun boost enhancement (anti-lag)
    • Gear change ignition cut (flat shifts)
    • Boost control
    • Nitrous injection
    • Dual stage injection (Hi/Lo injection)
  • Fully configurable sensor inputs including custom calibrations
  • Configurable receiving and transmitting data via the CAN bus
  • Capable of receiving data from multiple Lambda measurement devices via CAN
  • Integrated advanced diagnostics, including injector & crank trigger diagnostics
  • Switchable between multiple configurations ‡
  • Ref/Sync capture displayed on the built-in digital oscilloscope ‡

Data Acquisition

  • Internal data logging (512 kB) with fast download via CAN
  • Three engine histogram logs including a tell-tale log ‡
  • State of the art i2 Standard or i2 Pro data analysis software

M400 ECU Upgrades

M400 Advanced Functions Upgrade (allows anti-lag, traction and launch control, full throttle upshift, pit speed limiting, etc) 24105
M400 Logging Only Upgrade (512kB) 24101
M400 Lambda Upgrade 24102
M400 Drive by Wire (contact us for supported applications) 24112
M400 Camshaft Control (contact us for supported applications) 24116
M400 Over Run Boost 24117
M400 Pro Analysis 24104

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